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Artistic intent


Artistic Intent is a creative production company passionate about sharing our stories as South African's, our collective experiences as the people and

the future we believe in for ourselves, for the nation of Africa and the world.


The collective was founded by filmmaker and visual creator, Abongwe L. Booi, and music producer, Bubele Booi, in 2017 as a platform to combine the love for an emotional experience, build on the foundation of intentionally crafted visual storytelling and stirring musical composition.


At Artistic Intent, we don't just share stories; we weave enchanting narratives that beckon you to join us on an unforgettable journey through the mosaic of lens.

Artistic Intent is dedicated to the profound task of sharing the tales etched within our hearts, the collective stories of our people and the future we see for humanity, authentically and intentionally from our generation's voice. Limitless in medium, genre and format, from our voice.


Calvin Hayward


A producer with 20 years experience in local and international production. He has serviced a vast array of different production service requirements in Southern Africa from TVC, TV series, Hollywood Features Films and more!

(The Woman King, Monster Hunter, Escape Room)

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Abongwe L. Booi

D I R E C T O R   |   C O - F O U N D E R

Director, writer and producer, Abongwe L. Booi, is one of the founders and the spearhead of Artistic Intent, using his vast expertise in filmic technique to tailor the aesthetic and tone of all the visual creations A.I creates.


Bubele Booi

M U S I C   P R O D U C E R `| C O - F O U N D E R

Music producer, songwriter and tech entrepreneur Bubele Booi was involved in the early conception of Artistic Intent, pioneering music innovations in his music production duo:

The Imports

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